Safe and Comfortable Tooth Removal

If your tooth is too damaged or diseased to respond to treatment, or if you require wisdom teeth removal, Drs. Hobbs and Wyatt may suggest an extraction. While we always consider every option before an extraction, this restorative treatment can quickly offer relief, while creating a foundation for a gorgeous, fully functioning smile.

What Are Extractions?

An extraction is another way of saying “tooth removal.” We will suggest this treatment as a means of protecting the health of your entire mouth. Dr. Hobbs, Dr. Wyatt or our oral surgeon, Dr. Draper will always treat you like family. Your options are discussed prior to extractions so you are aware of the many ways to replace natural teeth including: partial denture, dental bridge, or dental implant.

What Are The Advantages Of Extractions?

An extraction provides an immediate solution to discomfort while preserving your oral health. Advantages of tooth removal include:

  • Extractions offer a solution when your tooth does not respond to a root canal treatment and there is no other treatment
  • Tooth removal puts an end to discomfort associated with an untreatable tooth
  • An extraction allows us to remove a severely damaged tooth and replace it with a more suitable prosthesis
  • An extraction may inhibit the spread of infection spread or formation of an abscess
  • We can remove wisdom teeth that have become impacted, or that threaten the comfort and alignment of your smile
  • At DentaCare, our on-staff anesthesiologist may offer anesthesia for complex cases

Do I Qualify For Tooth Extraction?

If you require wisdom teeth removal, or we cannot treat your tooth with other restorative care, you may qualify for an extraction. As part of your customized care, we will discuss your tooth replacement options, so we can immediately help you achieve a complete, beautiful smile. To schedule an appointment, call DentaCare in Tyler, TX, at (903) 593-3333. We also have an office in Longview, TX, to provide excellent dental care to even more patients.