Lifelike Cavity Repair

Have Dr. Hobbs or Dr. Wyatt discovered a cavity during your dental checkup? If so, we offer beautiful composite fillings to remove your tooth decay and restore your tooth to full beauty and function.

What Are Fillings?

At DentaCare, we offer composite fillings, also known as “tooth-colored fillings.” These fillings, unlike metal fillings, are made up of a very realistic and durable resin known as composite. We also use composite for bonding.

What Are The Advantages Of Fillings?

A cavity may cause sensitivity and create an opening in your tooth in which food particles can become lodged. In addition, any opening into your tooth may provide a pathway to infection-causing bacteria. Rather than allowing your cavity to progress and potentially require a root canal or extraction, fillings may:

  • Fillings act to structurally help restore your tooth
  • Tooth-colored fillings are a wonderful restorative material that help eliminate evidence that you once had a cavity
  • You will enjoy improved comfort
  • Composite provides a safe option for individuals with metal allergies
  • Tooth-colored fillings are safe for pregnant women
  • Treating a cavity prevents future damage and the need for more intensive treatment

Do I Qualify For a Filling?

You qualify for a tooth-colored filling if you have a cavity. However, you may require a dental crown for a particularly large cavity, or root canal treatment for a cavity accompanied by an infection. To schedule an appointment, call DentaCare in Tyler, TX, at (903) 593-3333. We also have an office in Longview, TX, to provide excellent dental care to even more patients.